Our Ecuador itinerary

Ecuador is a very diverse country with 4 distinct regions. These are, from west to east: the Galápagos Islands (La Región Insular), the pacific coast (La costa), the highlands (La Sierra) and the Amazon rainforests in the east (El Oriente). As the name suggests, the country lies on the Equator, but it can still get pretty cold in the Andes.

The flight from Germany is quite long and annoying, but the trip was definitely worth it. We flew from Frankfurt via Madrid and Quito to Guayaquil. On the way back, it was Guayaquil — Madrid — Frankfurt. Here is our itinerary:


From Guayaquil (1), we went to Cuenca (2) and spent some days in the region, visiting the city itself and El Cachas National Park. From there, we traveled through Ambato (3) and Baños (4) to Lago Agrio (5) in the north-east to visit the impressive Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve (6). Then we went back via the central sierra, passing though Baeza (7), Quito (8), Latacunga (9) and Quilotoa (10), where the crater lagoon is. From there, we went to Riobamba (11) to see the vulcano Chimborazo (12). We spent the last few days near Cuenca, where we know people, and left from Guayaquil.

Here are the links to all the posts in this blog in the order we traveled them:


El Cajas National Park


Lago Agrio

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve (part 1/3)

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve (part 2/3)

Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve (part 3/3)





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