From Frankfurt to Cuenca

The trip from Frankfurt am Main in Germany to Cuenca in Ecuador is pretty long and thus a bit annoying. We flew with Iberia and had 2 stopovers and 3 flights, adding up to almost 15 hours on the plane:

  • Frankfurt — Madrid (2:40 h)
  • Madrid — Quito (11:30 h)
  • Quito — Guayaquil (1 h)

Add the 4 h bus drive from Guayaquil to Cuenca and the waiting times between the flights. Overall, this trip takes about 24 hours.


View from the plane

We spend a night in Guayaquil before taking the bus to Cuenca, and I was really happy with that decision when I finally arrived at the airport there.

Guayaquil is the largest city in the country and famous for its large industrial port, heat, bad water system and high crime rate. I can’t tell whether this is justified because we moved on to Cuenca, where we know people, early the next morning.

Minibuses which go directly to Cuenca (without picking up people on the way and stopping every few meters) leave very close to the airport in Guayaquil, opposite the Holiday Inn hotel. You can really walk there from the Airport, even with your luggage (which we did the other way around on our way back). The bus terminal is also close to the airport.


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