Cuenca is a city of about 330,000 inhabitants in the southern highlands of Ecuador. It lies roughly 2500 above sea level and many people we met consider it one of the most beautiful cities in Ecuador due to its many historical buildings.

The cathedral is very impressive, but the markets and parks are also also great. Just walk around a bit and you’ll find something you like. There is an excellent coffee-roasting establishment very close to the cathedral. I do not consider the instant coffee sold throughout the country a beverage and I loved that place.



View over Cuenca from the new cathedral

We spend quite some time in the Cuenca area because we know people there. We also went to see countryside and climbed through a small valley following a river.




Some valley we hiked in

It never gets cold in the area, and on sunny & hot days, a trip like this is excellent.


Climbing using all the tools we could find

The vegetation was pretty cool, with lots of interesting stuff to see.


Vegetation near Cuenca

Here are two more shots of the new cathedral. This one is the front, from the park across the street.


The new cathedral at Cuenca

And here is what it looks like from the market where they sell shoes and clothes, a few blocks away:


The new cathedral at Cuenca

Pretty close to Cuenca, and on the road Cuenca — Guayaquil, lies the National Park El Cachas, which we visited in a day trip from Cuenca. I’ll write about it in my next post.



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