Baños is a small city in central Ecuador which is very popular among tourists. It is known as the Gateway to the Amazon and famous for the many sports activities offered there, e.g., canyoning, rafting and kayaking. Some interesting hikes can be started directly from the city. You can also do bungee jumping from a bridge over the Pastaza river.


People doing bungee jumping from a bridge over the Pastaza river

The town is close to Ambato and lies directly at the foot of the impressive and very active 5,023 m high volcano Tungurahua. It is currently not possible to climb the volcano due to its activity and it is often covered in clouds, but we were lucky and did at least catch a glimpse of it on our way to Ambato.


The Pastaza river at Baños. Note the waterfalls on the right.

We only spend very little time in Baños and the weather was rather rainy, but I liked it. Due to the many tourists, there are countless hostels, bars and restaurants. Try the excellent fruit juices in the market hall — and if you like it very sweet and sticky, the local sweets called melcocha.


The volcano Tungurahua


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