Lago Agrio

The tropic city Lago Agrio, also know as Nueva Loja, ist the capital of the jungle province Sucumbios. It was founded as a base camp of the large oil companies a few decades ago, and everything in Lago Agrio is about oil and the petroleros. The lively city center is ok though and you can find some good hostels, restaurants, laundries and everything else you may need. Getting a room with a fan or air-con is essential in Lago Agrio.


Some street in Lago Agrio

Most tourists come here to visit the rainforest, but it takes quite a while to get there. The area surrounding the city has many oil fields and even more ecological problems.

It is also worth noting that the province of Sucumbios is very close to Columbia, and the northern areas are not considered to be very safe due to the FARC which operates close to the border and often crosses it.

Lago Agrio is a hell of a bus ride away from Ambato. We took the overnight bus but I hardly slept (I’m tall). Advice: do not put your hand luggage on the floor between your legs in these buses, it is NOT safe there — keep it on your lap all the time. And be especially careful before the bus leaves from the terminal, when many people enter and leave the bus while it is waiting for departure. We met several people who had stuff stolen from them on the bus.


Some street in Lago Agrio

For us, Lago Agrio was little more than the gateway to Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, which is definitely one of the most impressive places I visited in Ecuador.


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