Baeza area

Baeza is a small town in the Napo province of Ecuador. It lies on the road from Lago Agrio to Quito at an altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level.


The old Baeza Antigua (left, small village on the hill) and the new part of Baeza (right), view from the hills above the village

Green grazing lands with lots of cows cover the hills around the town. It is very quiet and the climate is cold enough not to have any mosquitos, so we stayed here for 2 days after the heat of Lago Agrio and Cuyabeno and did some easy hiking trails from the town. There is some cloudforest left in the area.



Cloud forest near Baeza


Another advantage is that it turns the ugly 6 hour bus trip from Lago Agrio to Quito into two 3 h trips, which I prefer.



Tree and scenery near Baeza


Most people who stay in Baeza for several days come for kayaking on the river. It is worth mentioning that the two parts of Baeza (the old village Baeza antigua and the new small town Baeza) lie a few hundred meters apart. We arrived at the bus terminal in new Baeza and walked the street back towards Baeza antigua to stay there.



Small river near Baeza

Most long distance buses to Quito leave from the junction 1.5 km out of town by the way. You can catch a local bus to get there (or walk, depending on how much luggage you carry).



View from the hills near Baeza. Note the Bromelias in the trees.


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