Latacunga is a city of 60,000 and the capital of the province Cotopaxi in Ecuador. It lies at 2,700 meters in the central highlands, pretty close to the famous volcano Cotopaxi (5,897 m).



 Center of Latacunga

We came to Latacunga on our way from Quito to the water-filled caldera at Quilotoa. The city lies at the Panamericana, and we stayed for a night and half a day before we took the next bus.



 The cathedral of Latacunga

We stayed at the Hotel Central, you can walk there from the bus terminal in 10 minutes. From there, we walked around the city center, bought some fruits and had a look at the small cathedral and some of the parks. Nothing spectacular here, but worth a short walk.

From the terminal, we took a bus to Chugchilan in order to visit the crater lake at Quilotoa there.


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